The /computercraft command

CC: Tweaked provides a /computercraft command for server owners to manage running computers on a server.


As the /computercraft command is mostly intended for debugging and administrative purposes, its sub-commands typically require you to have op (or similar).

If a permission mod such as LuckPerms is installed1, you can configure access to the individual sub-commands. Each sub-command creates a computercraft.command.NAME permission node to control which players can execute it.

Computer selectors

Some commands (such as tp or turn-on) target a specific computer, or a list of computers. To specify which computers to operate on, you must use "computer selectors".

Computer selectors are similar to Minecraft's entity target selectors, but targeting computers instead. They allow you to select one or more computers, based on a set of predicates.

The following predicates are supported:

#<id> may also be used as a shorthand for @c[id=<id>], to select computer(s) with a specific id.



/computercraft dump

/computercraft dump prints a table of currently loaded computers, including their id, position, and whether they're running. It can also be run with a single computer argument to dump more detailed information about a computer.

A screenshot of a Minecraft world. In the chat box, there is a table listing 5 computers, with columns labelled "Computer", "On" and "Position". Below that, is a more detailed list of information about Computer 0, including its label ("My computer") and that it has a monitor on the right hand side

Next to the computer id, there are several buttons to either teleport to the computer, or open its terminal .

Computers are sorted by distance to the player, so nearby computers will appear earlier.

/computercraft turn-on [computers...]

Turn on one or more computers or, if no run with no arguments, all loaded computers.


/computercraft shutdown [computers...]

Shutdown one or more computers or, if no run with no arguments, all loaded computers.

This is sometimes useful when dealing with lag, as a way to ensure that ComputerCraft is not causing problems.


/computercraft tp [computer]

Teleport to the given computer.

This is normally used from via the dump command interface rather than being invoked directly.

/computercraft view [computer]

Open a terminal for the specified computer. This allows remotely viewing computers without having to interact with the block.

This is normally used from via the dump command interface rather than being invoked directly.

/computercraft track

The /computercraft track command allows you to enable profiling of computers. When a computer runs code, or interacts with the Minecraft world, we time how long that takes. This timing information may then be queried, and used to find computers which may be causing lag.

To enable the profiler, run /computercraft track start. Computers will then start recording metrics. Once enough data has been gathered, run /computercraft track stop to stop profiling and display the recorded data.

The table by default shows the number of times each computer has run, and how long it ran for (in total, and on average). In the above screenshot, we can see one computer was particularly badly behaved, and ran for 7 seconds. The buttons may be used to teleport to the computer, or open its terminal , and inspect it further.

/computercraft track dump can be used to display this table at any point (including while profiling is still running).

Computers also record other information, such as how much server-thread time they consume, or their HTTP bandwidth usage. The dump subcommand accepts a list of other fields to display, instead of the default timings.


/computercraft queue

The queue subcommand allows non-operator players to queue a computer_command event on command computers.

This has a similar purpose to vanilla's /trigger command. Command computers may choose to listen to this event, and then perform some action.

  1. This supports any mod which uses Forge's permission API or fabric-permission-api. ↩︎︎