The task_complete event is fired when an asynchronous task completes. This is usually handled inside the function call that queued the task; however, functions such as commands.execAsync return immediately so the user can wait for completion.

Return Values

  1. string: The event name.
  2. number: The ID of the task that completed.
  3. boolean: Whether the command succeeded.
  4. string: If the command failed, an error message explaining the failure. (This is not present if the command succeeded.)
  5. : Any parameters returned from the command.


Prints the results of an asynchronous command:

local taskID = commands.execAsync("say Hello")
local event
    event = {os.pullEvent("task_complete")}
until event[2] == taskID
if event[3] == true then
  print("Task " .. event[2] .. " succeeded:", table.unpack(event, 4))
  print("Task " .. event[2] .. " failed: " .. event[4])

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