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CC: Tweaked is a fork of ComputerCraft, adding programmable computers, turtles and more to Minecraft.

This website contains documentation for all Lua libraries and APIs from the latest version of CC: Tweaked. This documentation is still in development, so will most likely be incomplete. If you've found something you think is wrong, or would like to help out please get in touch on GitHub.


_GGlobal functions defined by bios.lua.
colorsThe Colors API allows you to manipulate sets of colors.
coloursColours for lovers of British spelling.
commandsThe commands API allows your system to directly execute Minecraft commands and gather data from the results.
diskThe Disk API allows you to interact with disk drives.
fsThe FS API allows you to manipulate files and the filesystem.
gpsThe GPS API provides a method for turtles and computers to retrieve their own locations.
helpProvides an API to read help files.
httpThe http library allows communicating with web servers, sending and receiving data from them.
ioEmulates Lua's standard io library.
keysThe Keys API provides a table of numerical codes corresponding to keyboard keys, suitable for decoding key events.
multishellMultishell allows multiple programs to be run at the same time.
osThe os API allows interacting with the current computer.
paintutilsAn API for advanced systems which can draw pixels and lines, load and draw image files.
parallelProvides a simple implementation of multitasking.
peripheralThe Peripheral API is for interacting with peripherals connected to the computer, such as the Disk Drive, the Advanced Monitor and Monitor.
pocketControl the current pocket computer, adding or removing upgrades.
rednetThe Rednet API allows systems to communicate between each other without using redstone.
redstoneInteract with redstone attached to this computer.
settingsThe settings API allows to store values and save them to a file for persistent configurations for CraftOS and your programs.
shellThe shell API provides access to CraftOS's command line interface.
termThe Terminal API provides functions for writing text to the terminal and monitors, and drawing ASCII graphics.
textutilsThe textutils API provides helpful utilities for formatting and manipulating strings.
turtleThe turtle API allows you to control your turtle.
vectorThe vector API provides methods to create and manipulate vectors.
windowThe Window API allows easy definition of spaces within the display that can be written/drawn to, then later redrawn/repositioned/etc as need be.


cc.completionA collection of helper methods for working with input completion, such as that require by
cc.expectThe cc.expect library provides helper functions for verifying that function arguments are well-formed and of the correct type.
cc.image.nftProvides utilities for working with "nft" images.
cc.prettyProvides a "pretty printer", for rendering data structures in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
cc.requireThis provides a pure Lua implementation of the builtin require function and package library. collection of helper methods for working with shell completion.


commandThis peripheral allows you to interact with command blocks.
computerA computer or turtle wrapped as a peripheral.
driveDisk drives are a peripheral which allow you to read and write to floppy disks and other "mountable media" (such as computers or turtles).
modemThe modem peripheral allows you to send messages between computers.
monitorMonitors are a block which act as a terminal, displaying information on one side.
printerThe printer peripheral allows pages and books to be printed.
speakerSpeakers allow playing notes and other sounds.