The rednet_message event is fired when a message is sent over Rednet.

This event is usually handled by rednet.receive, but it can also be pulled manually.

rednet_message events are sent by in the top-level coroutine in response to modem_message events. A rednet_message event is always preceded by a modem_message event. They are generated inside CraftOS rather than being sent by the ComputerCraft machine.

Return Values

  1. string: The event name.
  2. number: The ID of the sending computer.
  3. any: The message sent.
  4. string|nil: The protocol of the message, if provided.


Prints a message when one is sent:

while true do
  local event, sender, message, protocol = os.pullEvent("rednet_message")
  if protocol ~= nil then
    print("Received message from " .. sender .. " with protocol " .. protocol .. " and message " .. tostring(message))
    print("Received message from " .. sender .. " with message " .. tostring(message))

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