This event is fired when the terminal is clicked with a mouse. This event is only fired on advanced computers (including advanced turtles and pocket computers).

Return values

  1. string: The event name.
  2. number: The mouse button that was clicked.
  3. number: The X-coordinate of the click.
  4. number: The Y-coordinate of the click.

Mouse buttons

Several mouse events (mouse_click, mouse_up, mouse_scroll) contain a "mouse button" code. This takes a numerical value depending on which button on your mouse was last pressed when this event occurred.

Button CodeMouse Button
1Left button
2Right button
3Middle button


Print the button and the coordinates whenever the mouse is clicked.

while true do
  local event, button, x, y = os.pullEvent("mouse_click")
  print(("The mouse button %s was pressed at %d, %d"):format(button, x, y))