Monitors are a block which act as a terminal, displaying information on one side. This allows them to be read and interacted with in-world without opening a GUI.

Monitors act as terminal redirects and so expose the same methods, as well as several additional ones, which are documented below.

Like computers, monitors come in both normal (no colour) and advanced (colour) varieties.


  • Write "Hello, world!" to an adjacent monitor:

     local monitor = peripheral.find("monitor")
     monitor.setCursorPos(1, 1)
     monitor.write("Hello, world!")
setTextScale(scaleArg)Set the scale of this monitor.
getTextScale()Get the monitor's current text scale.

Set the scale of this monitor. A larger scale will result in the monitor having a lower resolution, but display text much larger.


  1. scaleArg number The monitor's scale. This must be a multiple of 0.5 between 0.5 and 5.


  • If the scale is out of range.

See also


Get the monitor's current text scale.


  1. number The monitor's current scale.


  • If the monitor cannot be found.